Carb-Cycling: Moderate Day

So, I shared a day of low carb eating. Today, Im having a moderate-carb day! After two lows in a row, this is exciting AF 😂

Meal 1: 2 scoops whey blend, 1/2 cup old-fashioned oats, 1T sweet-cream butter. 

Meal 2: 8 oz sirloin steak, like a shit-ton of broccoli (Im talkin like those steamable bags that tell you there’s 4 servings. Eat the whole damn bag.), 2 oz lowfat shredded cheese

Meal 3: 2 scoops protein/greens blend with 1 cup of egg whites (just throw it all in a shaker together, you’ll be fine, egg whites have no taste.)

Meal 4: 8 oz of baked salmon with 1 medium sweet potato, and 1T sweet-cream butter. 

Meal 5: 1 scoop casein protein at bedtime. 

This totals around 111g of carbs, 58g of fat, and 247g of protein. 

Most people will say high carb/cheat day is their fave day, but honestly, these moderate days are mine. These are the days I have the most energy, am in the best mood, and the least likely to start eating post-it notes. 

Thanks fer readin’! Hope y’all have a beautiful Wodensday, and tell yer mama’n ’em I said ‘hey’! 


You Should Go To The Martial Arts Gym…Like, Yesterday

So, I recently started listening to podcasts and have found a few I love. One is Barbarian Lounge with Alin Odinson. The episode I listened to today on my long jaunt south was Episode 62, regarding the Boston kids who got jumped in New Orleans. 

I’m not going to wax philosophical about every point he makes, but the general jist is, “Learn how to fucking defend yourself.” 

I personally have taken for granted my general appearance. I’m nearly 6 feet tall, fairly muscular, and I have a mohawk. I appear fairly un-fuck-with-able and for this reason, Ive never really felt threatened in my whole life. This will probably get me killed one day. 

Nevertheless, I belong to an awesome gym where many forms of violence are taught and encouraged. We have BJJ, Muay Thai people (my delicious fiancé included), kickboxing, reality fighting systems, etc. Now before you go tellin’ me how your Martial Arts Academy doesn’t include ‘reality fighting’ because ‘thats not a real martial art’, have a seat and take out a #2 pencil, ’cause I’m about to school ya. 

The word ‘martial’ literally means ‘of, or appropriate to war’. War is the most real thing a lot of people will ever experience. So if it ain’t ‘reality’, it ain’t ‘martial’. Say something. 🤷🏻‍♀️

In conclusion, find a martial arts academy that takes it’s defense classes seriously and lessen your chances of becoming a statistic. 

You can find this episode of Barbarian Lounge Here

Thanks for stoppin’ by, an’ tell yer mama’n ’em I said ‘Hey’! 

Carb Cycling: What is it, and why should you be doing it? 

Good morning health nuts, squat butts, and fitness sluts! It’s breakfast time! What better opportunity could I get to talk about my current obsession, Carb Cycling??!?!?!  

I’ve been carb-cycling strictly for around 5 weeks now and let me tell y’all, I haven’t found a more effective or sustainable nutrition plan yet. I’m down about 14 pounds of (what Im assuming is) fat and water, my clothes fit nicer, I feel amazing, and I look even better 👌🏻! It should also be noted that I haven’t lost strength in any lifts. 

So what’s my week in food look like? Pretty simple, really. I have 3 low carb days, 3 moderate carb days, and 1 high-carb/cheat day (I mean is it really even a ‘cheat’ if its planned into your macros anyway? I think not.). The numbers break down like this:

Low: .25 grams of carb per pound of desired weight.

Moderate: .5-.75 grams of carb per pound of desired weight. 

High: up to 2 grams of carb per pound of desired weight. 

I always keep my fat at around .25g per pound and my protein around 1.5g per pound. The only fluctuation is carb intake.  

For me, today is a low-carb day. Lets take a look at whats on the menu! 

Meal 1: 2 scoops of a lean protein blend, 1cup of egg whites, and 1/4 cup of shredded 2% cheese. 

Meal 2: 2 scoops whey protein. 

Meal 3: 8 oz of canned ham (“Oh my god the sodium! The leftover animal parts! The processed meat😱😱. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I like it, it fits, and its not a normal menu item, so kiss my ass). 

Meal 4: 2 MORE scoops of a whey blend protein. 

Meal 5: 8 oz. ground beef (in a patty), 97/3. 

Meal 6: 1 cup of lowfat cottage cheese at bedtime. 

Totals around 51 carbs, 62 fat, and 280 protein. Is today boring? Yes. Is that a lot of supplementing? Yes. Does it work? Absolutely. Is it cost effective? Totally. Do I care that all the vegans are disgusted right now? Hhheeelllll Naawwww!! 

(It should be noted that this is a rest day menu. On lift days that also happen to fall on low-carb days, I will plan my carbs for before/after training so as to replace blood glucose quickly, providing energy for protein synthesis and muscle repair.) 

You can choose whatever days you like for the week! The low days do not need to be consecutive! I try to plan my low days on either rest days or cardio-only days, but thats definitely not a rule! Figure out what works for you and kick fats ass!! Remember, we are all ancestors-in-training. Let’s make the future proud! 💪🏼 

Thanks for bein’ here, and tell yer mama’n ’em I said ‘Hey!’