Dinner With Racists

Since I have decided to take the full plunge into Asatru, I have read every article, listened to every podcast, lurked every blog and FaceBook group available to find out just exactly where I fit in. I have found skinheads and universalists, larpers and downright fuckwits. It seems that no one can agree on anything…except… the importance of tribe-building and community.

Now… I hate these ideas. I like being alone. I like being a hermit, antisocial. But I am committed to being the very best heathen in this present time, and the very best ancestor for the future generation. This being said, I decided it was in my best interest to do some networking. I picked a guy whose podcast I particularly liked, sent him a message on Instagram, and a week later I had a meeting with 2 Folkbuilders from an organization I felt a kinship with.

Let’s clear something up right fast: I’m conservative. I like conservative values, traditional gender roles, and I believe in the importance of preserving each and every different culture. This is important because those are exactly the types of things that get you called ‘racist’, ‘bigot’, ‘homophobe’. I can assure you, I am none of these things.

What’s the worst word you can say in the Heathen community, though? My second favorite F word: Folkish. That’s me. So the people I had the meetin’ with? Also folkish.

Well here we are, in this pub, just chattin’ and gettin’ to know each other. Well you would not believe the things out of these peoples mouths! The number of times I heard the words ‘n*gger’, ‘dune coon’, ‘wetback’, ‘mud shark’… Blew my mind. Literally… I was floored.

Because it was zero. I heard those words zero times. Because ‘folkish’ doesn’t mean ‘racist’, I don’t give two good shits what the ACLU or SPLC says. I don’t care whose FaceBook has been shut down and who’s been branded a hate group. We talked about our families, our jobs, our spiritual journeys… You know, just like everybody else. So my dinner with racists went swimmingly. In fact, I sent in my membership application.

I have never been happier to find people as good-hearted and warm as they were, and my fiance and I look forward to building tribe and frith with them for years to come.

Hail the Gods! Hail our Folk! Hail our beautiful, European ancestors!

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